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Transfigured Night

The 5 images are a take on Verklärte Nacht (Transfigured Night), Op. 4, a string sextet composed by Arnold Schoenberg in 1899. It was inspired by Richard Dehmel’s poem of the same name. The movement can be divided into five distinct sections which refer to the five stanzas of Dehmel’s poem. The sketches are based on small 3D printed objects designed and modeled in reflection of the above mentioned musical movements and stanzas and then printed in 3D. The organic aesthetics of these objects derive from mistakes in the printing process.


"Carneiro’s visual work represents the third step in this drama of medias. It does not conquer, digest, or forget, but it weaves a historic-medial space-time web. Her variations preceded the live concert in a certain liturgical arrangement as a hapto-visual altar. These variations appear like the new secret score that was played afterwards, completely overriding the poem of misstep. And it is not by chance that she prints objects that are derived from mistakes”. Text extract by Katherina Zakravsky.


Transfigured Night 1,  2019
Digital sketch


Transfigured Night 2,  2019

Digital sketch


Transfigured Night 3,  2019

Digital sketch


Transfigured Night 4,  2019

Digital sketch


Transfigured Night 5,  2019

Digital sketch


Transfigured Night 1-5, 2019

3D prints, plastic

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